Russia Arms Expo 2015 to have business agenda

20 August 2015 (17:56)

August 20, 2015. The international Russia Arms Expo 2015 will now comprise some business agenda in addition to the show and the exhibition proper; the business meetings will be related to the Russian defense industry’s scientific and technological development in the future, the event coordinators report.

More specifically, there will be meetings on the international weaponry market opportunities, development of new kinds of armaments, military and technological cooperation, and finance and investment for the defense industry.

The meetings will be contributed to by heads of defense departments and Russian and international experts in defense industry and international relations.

Russia Arms Expo will also host a conference on military goods branding for the first time. This will be attended by Head of Rostech Communications & Information Department Vassily Brovko, PLENUM Brand Consultancy Managing Partner Ilya Lazuchenkov, Atom Design Office Director-General Alexei Maslov, and Agency One Deputy DG Alexandra Tsvetkova.

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