Sverdlovsk Region: borrowers owe banks 27bn RUR in overdue payments

17 August 2015 (14:17)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 17, 2015. The amount of past-due loan payments owed to banks by Sverdlovsk Region-based borrowers came to 27.758bn RUR in the first half of the year and now makes up 7.5% of the overall loan amount to be repaid, the National Collection Service reports.

The greatest shares of these non-payments relate to cash loans (15.1%) and credit cards (14.8%), with smaller shares of POS loans (6.4%), car loans (4.6%), and mortgages (1.3%).

Sverdlovsk Region’s consolidated loan book has gone down by 4.98% since the beginning of the year and now amounts to 368.8bn RUR.

‘On the whole, the loan repayment dynamics results from the macroeconomic state of affairs in respective Russian federal constituencies. For one, Moscow has long been known for a greater share of dollar and euro mortgages than elsewhere, which naturally affected the amount of bad debt in this particular loan category. Similarly, the relatively trouble-free picture in Yugra has to do with the constituency’s developed oil industry,’ says the Service’s Managing Director Anton Dianov.

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