Sverdlovsk Region has greatest number of debtors

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 2, 2015. Sverdlovsk Region is currently the Russian constituency with the greatest number of residents who temporarily aren’t allowed to leave the country because their debts amount to more than 10,000 RUR, Sequoia Credit Consolidation reports.

There are over 399,000 debtors in the area right now (8.9% of the local population).

30% of non-payers have overdue cash loan repayments; 17% haven’t repaid their credit card debts; 20% failed to make their car loan payments; 13% have POS loan debts; and 20% have failed to make their mortgage payments. The biggest average loan amounts are typically given out on mortgages (1.5m RUR) and cash loans (200,000 RUR).

‘From the legal standpoint, the very first overdue loan payment means the bank can take the case to court. Naturally, banks or creditors typically try to collaborate with the borrowing party and arrange debt restructuring or repayment of debt in installments. A prohibition to leave the country is a very efficient measure. According to the statistics we have, 10% of debtors redeem their loans after such a ban was imposed on them,’ says Sequoia Credit Consolidation President Elena Dokuchayeva.

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