RCC enterprise is Karabash prepares for Victory Day

8 May 2015 (09:24)

May 8, 2015. Russian Copper Company member enterprises are getting ready to celebrate the 70th V-Day, the company’s PR & Social Policy Department reports.

‘On May 6, the plant organized a little concert for thirty-two Great Patriotic War veterans and home front workers, who came to Karabash Health Resort to share their wartime memories, listen to some war songs, and get their 100-gram ‘front shots,’ the department says.

Karabash will celebrate Victory Day on May 9, just like the rest of Russia. As usual, the V-Day Parade will start off from the monument dedicated to Hero of the Soviet Union A.K. Sugonyayev down to the Eternal Flame Memorial where some marble plates bear the names of 1,205 Karabash soldiers who gave their lives for the victory. The recent reconstruction of the Eternal Flame Memorial was fully sponsored by Karabashmed.

Additionally, Karabash-based war veterans will receive some money gifts from Karabashmed: forty-six people will be given 30,000 RUR (war veterans) and 20,000 RUR (home front workers).

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