ChTPZ employees get state awards

29 April 2015 (12:54)

April 29, 2015. Plenipotentiary Representative of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal District Igor Kholmanskikh gave out state awards to Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant/ChTPZ Department 6 foreman Sergey Nenakhov and Hot-Rolling Department 1 mill operator Evgeniy Zibarev.

‘Sergey Nenakhov, who has been working at the plant for forty years now, was awarded the title of Honored Metallurgist of the Russian Federation. He heads one of the plant’s largest departments, the legendary LDP Department 6. Last year, the company produced 1,000,000,000 kg of large-diameter pipes (up 40% on the year 2013); thanks to Nenakhov, quite a few facilities were upgraded or set up and new kinds of produce were mastered,’ ChTPZ Group’s press service says.

Evgeniy Zibarev was given the first-class medal For Merit to the Fatherland. Zibarev is a unique professional in charge of making pipes from difficult-to-form grades of steel for the highly important customer from the oil and gas sector and the nuclear energy sector. Evgeniy Zibarev keeps on introducing improvements to his department and has proven a great mentor for the younger workers.

Both of them have never worked anywhere else: they came to the plant right after completing their education and never looked for a position outside ChTPZ.

There are currently eight Honored Metallurgists of the Russian Federation working for the company, and three of its workers hold second-class medals For the Merit to the Fatherland.

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