Food prices go up 12.4% in Sverdlovsk Region

24 April 2015 (09:26)

April 24, 2015. Sverdlovsk Region’s food prices rose by 11.4% in March 2015 compared with December 2014; this was 4% more than in March 2014, Sverdlovskstat reports.

Food items (excluding alcohol drinks) grew 12.4% more expensive (compared with 3.9% a year earlier). Vegetable prices rose the most, that is, by 47.9%; for one, garlic and cabbage grew 1.8 times more expensive, onions and cucumbers grew 1.6 times and 1.5 times more expensive, respectively, while the price of carrots, frozen vegetables, and potatoes, went up by 43.7%, 42.8%, and 36.1%, respectively. Fruits grew 34% more expensive; for example, the price of bananas and grapes rose by 1.6 times, that of pears, oranges, lemons, and apples increased by 18.3% to 27.2%.

Fish, meat, milk and dairy products, and bread and pastry grew 16.4%, 7.3%, 7%, and 6.7% more expensive, respectively.

All in all, the price of a basic food basket came to 4,017.7 RUR in late March, which was 15.6% more than at the end of last year; in March 2014, the increase stood at 9.7%.

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