RCC to give environmental/economic webinars

April 15, 2015. Russian Copper Company/RCC Group invites everyone to join their first, introductory webinar on Planet Earth and Small Motherland at 5PM Moscow Time on April 15.

The webinar will be conducted by Professor of People’s Friendship University of Russia, Director of Center for Innovative Economy under the Russian Academy of Sciences & Russian Ministry for Economic Development’s Productive Forces Research Council Svetlana Lipina.

The main idea behind the course is to enhance people’s environmental awareness.

‘We also hope the webinars will motivate our students to design and implement small-scale projects that will improve the living standards within their ‘small motherlands’. The webinars will dwell on notions such as ‘green economy’, on what the Urals and the Arctic have in common, and on striking a balance between safe environment and technological progress. There will also be a contest as usual, this time a photo essay one,’ RCC press service says.

RCC Group believes investing in environmental literacy is one of the ways to ensure interaction between authorities, businesses, and people operating in and living in industrially advanced areas. It is for this reason that an environmental policy council was set up in Chelyabinsk Region at Governor Boris Dubrovsky’s initiative last fall. The council members call for information transparency in terms of the local industries’ environmental impact and in terms of measures taken to reduce this impact. The Governor feels that it is important both to work on large industrial projects and on sustaining and renewal of natural resources at the same time.

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