Uralvagonzavod puts up new student lab

30 March 2015 (18:47)

March 30, 2015. Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s head plant is putting up a new lab to give students at Nizhniy Tagil Machine-Building School (a subsidiary of Ural Federal University) an opportunity to practice. This is part of the company’s social partnership program.

The corporation’s press service explains the lab will house a milling and turning class and will be fitted with a software-controlled turning machine. The lab will contribute to the company’s united educational system program which aims to train a highly skilled worker that Uralvagonzavod and other Russian defense enterprises need.

The corporation’s head plant directed funds to capital repairs of the lab. Workers from the plant’s repairs department are now assembling the turning machine. The equipment weighs around 3,500 kg, and since the school does not own any lifting equipment, all the rigging work had to be performed manually.

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