Yekaterinburg utility sector owes power suppliers over 1.2bn RUR

27 March 2015 (18:44)

March 27, 2015. 75 management companies in Sverdlovsk Region housing services and utility sector owe more than 2.536bn RUR to heat and power suppliers (including 2.36bn RUR owed for heat energy and 167m RUR owed for electric power supplies). Yekaterinburg companies’ share is currently the largest, as they owe suppliers 1.2bn RUR, Sverdlovsk Region division of EnergoSbyT Plus’s press service reports.

‘The amount of money owed to resource suppliers exceeds our retooling and repair budgets by many times. Practices adopted by some unscrupulous management companies pose a formidable threat both to the power supply system and the housing services and utility sector,’ says EnergoSbyT Plus Sverdlovsk Region branch director Georgiy Kozlov.

Yekaterinburg-based management companies and enterprises in the housing services and utility sector owe their heat suppliers over 1.267bn RUR as of February 1, 2015. Pervouralsk-based companies owe their suppliers 678.2m RUR for heating energy and 34.7m RUR for electric power. Companies in Kamensk Uralsky owe their suppliers 340m RUR and 50.8m RUR for heating and electric power, respectively.

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