Cuban delegates come to ChTZ

11 March 2015 (09:17)

March 11, 2015. A group of delegates from Cuba’s Transport Ministry paid a visit to a number of Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s member enterprises, including ChTZ Uraltrac.

According to the corporation’s press service, the visitors were shown one DET 400, a bulldozer with a hoist that can make a part of a recovery train. They also saw the entire range of the plant’s vehicles, from the already historic heavy-duty tractor T800 to the new loaders PK46 and PK65 to Class 10 and 15 bulldozers that could also be used by the Cuban railway services. The delegates were most impressed by TMV2, a car traction unit that would be particularly handy in Cuba.

The idea was to get acquainted with the plant’s produce and look into all the options upon return home so that a customized order for the Russian vehicles could be placed.

ChTZ has cooperated extensively with its Cuban partners before: the last shipment of vehicles reached the island as recently as 2012. These were scores of bulldozers that Cuba bought using the loan Russia offered to help the island recover from a devastating hurricane.

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