Living standards deteriorate for over 25% of Russians this year

December 20, 2013. 27% of Russians feel that their financial situation got worse over the last year. Only 11% of residents said their life grew better, and the majority of those surveyed (60%) believe that their financial situation remained the same, Levada Center's statistical research says.

The Russian citizens' plans for next year look pretty much the same. 11% of those surveyed expect their life to get better, another 20% think their incomes will shrink, and 57% do not think anything is going to change in financial terms. Another 12% are not sure what changes might occur.

The share of respondents who expect their life to get better is actually the smallest in the last decade. On the other hand, the share of those who do not expect any changes is the highest since 2003. the percentage of those who think their life will get worse was only higher in December 2008, when the recession broke out.

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