MegaFon, QIWI launch e-wallet

February 12, 2015. MegaFon and QIWI (a payment service) launched a new, Visa-based QIWI Wallet together, the mobile carrier’s press service reports.

MegaFon subscribers can now make payments to Visa QIWI Wallet providers at no extra charge. Money can be transferred from the mobile phone account or QIWI wallet; the e-wallet can be used to pay Internet and housing bills and fines and to do shopping online.

In addition to this, MegaFon subscribers get a bonus (0.5% of the payment amount) for each transaction via Visa QIWI Wallet; the bonus goes to a subscriber’s mobile phone account.

New Visa QIWI Wallet users can use all the available options as soon as they have registered with the service; existing e-wallet users will have to wait for the complete options package to be launched by the end of this year’s first quarter.

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