QIWI directs data on PlatSystems ‘special offer’ to law-enforcement agencies

10 February 2014 (09:29)

February 10, 2014. QIWI Group directed data on a ‘special offer’ run by PlatSystems in Sverdlovsk Region to law-enforcement agencies, the company’s press service informed UrBC.

Now PlatSystems used QIWI’s brand to launch a ‘promotion campaign’ in Sverdlovsk Region that consisted in sending out text messages to locals that read they had won the first prize, a 4-million-ruble Lexus LX 570 Premium 5S. The police have already instituted criminal proceedings, as one of the ‘lucky winners’ has already lost 92,000 RUR on this scam.

‘QIWI provided all the data necessary to investigate the fraud upon the law-enforcement authorities’ request,’ the press service said.

The company explains that with e-payments for goods and services becoming more popular, fraudsters are increasingly tempted to use well-known brands to their own advantage.

‘QIWI keeps working on detecting and preventing illegal online activity of scam sites that apply phishing technologies or simply use our brand illegally. This is why we have a special division inside the company and we also work with external partners with the necessary technologies and licenses to do a good job of fighting these,’ the press service pointed out.

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