Ural Federal District: shopping bills go up 10% in December 2014

12 February 2015 (14:05)

February 12, 2015. In December 2014, the average amount of money a customer spent at Ural Federal District-based shops kept growing primarily due to an anomalous surge in consumer demand, which, in its turn, was caused by the plummeting exchange rate of the ruble. The country’s average came to 670 RUR, which was 15% more than a month earlier, Romir, a research holding, reports. This figure was also 10% higher than in December 2013 (605 RUR).

The average bottom line on a cash receipt changed in all parts of Russia last December; the figure grew the most in the south of the country (+21%), by 17% in Saint Petersburg (895 RUR), and by 9.8% in Ural Federal District (536 RUR).

This average amount also grew due to seasonal factors (the New Year shopping rush): the difference between December and November spending was 15%. On average, a Russian citizen spent 670 RUR on every shop visit, which was 10% more than in December 2013.

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