Average grocery bill of Ural Federal District's resident is 401 RUR per shop visit in January 2014

27 February 2014 (10:31)

February 27, 2014. On average, a resident of Ural Federal District spent 401 RUR at a grocery store at a time in January 2014. This was 15.2% less than in December 2013. As for Russia on the whole, the median figure in the receipt was 501 RUR, which was 2.5% less than in January 2013, Romir Holding says.

The figure decreased the most for supermarkets: the bottom line figure was 20% smaller compared with December 2013 and 2% compared with January 2013. However, the figures for hypermarkets were 21% greater in December compared with November, which was the maximum figure among all the other grocery shopping venues (the figure rose by 6% to 16% there).

As for supermarkets and discount stores, the average receipt grew by 3% to 5% in January 2014 compared with January 2013. As for over-the-counter shops, the figure dropped by 4% there.

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