Ural Federal District: Average Basket Shrinks 3.1%

13 August 2019 (09:29)

UrBC, Moscow, August 13, 2019. A Ural Federal District-based shopper spent RUB 559 per supermarket trip on average in July 2019, which was 3.1% less than in June 2019, Prime refers to Romir Holding’s research findings as indicating.

In Russia on the whole, the average purchase amount came to RUB 546, down 1.8% on a month earlier. The only part of the country where the average amount went up in July was Far Eastern Federal District (+3.5%, up to RUB 600). In the country’s North-West (-3.2%), the Urals (-3.1%), Siberia (-3.1%), Volga District (-2.3%), Central Federal District (-1%), and Southern Federal District (-1%), the average purchase amount per shopping trip came to RUB 598, RUB 559, RUB 462, RUB 496, RUB 601, and RUB 574, respectively.

‘As the daily spending tended to go down in July, the average purchase amount declined a bit. Russians spent around RUB 546 per supermarket trip on average last month, which was 1.8% less than one month previously,’ the research states.

This is the lowest amount registered since August 2018, when the figure stood at RUB 537.

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