Yekaterinburg Council to consider new block in Academic District

January 30, 2015. RSG-Akademicheskoye’s technical council came up with the architectural solutions for Blocks 35 and 38 in Yekaterinburg’s Academic District; the prospective blocks will appear next to Shirokaya Rechka. OOO Master Plan is going to act as the project developer, RSG-Akademicheskoye’s press service reports.

Designers have already provided explanations of buildings and other structures to accompany the architectural design. The total living floor space will come to 142,800 m2.

According to the project, the apartment buildings will be linked by non-living premises and special eight-meter-high anti-noise inserts along Krasnolesye St. This will create cozy and comfortable inner yards despite a busy highway nearby. Additionally, underground parking lots and a technical ground could be put up as well.

This project will be considered by the city council very soon, which means the practical stage is not too far away.

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