Yekaterinburg hotels to get 60% of rooms booked in 2015

20 January 2015 (13:33)

January 20, 2015. Yekaterinburg hotels have managed to get at least 55% of their rooms booked and used since 2009; in 2015, the demand is expected to rise to 60%, the city council’s press service reports.

The scale of available accommodation in Yekaterinburg more than doubled in 2004-2014: there used to be as few as 48 hotels in the city back in 2004; in 2014, the figure reached 109 (with five more hotels expected to open next year).

‘The hotel industry keeps on developing and is now ready to provide its guests with everything one needs for a comfortable stay in the city. Yekaterinburg hosts large-scale, high-profile international events on a regular basis; one of the most important ones is scheduled for 2018, when the Mid-Urals’ capital will host the world football championship games,’ the press service says.

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