Tankopedia boasts over 3,000 entries

December 24, 2014. A Ukrainian proved the most proactive contributor to the Tankopedia Project in December 2014; in fact, he was No.1 in the previous months as well. The fifteen-year-old expert on armored vehicles became even more active after his first prize-winning event in November: he contributed 99 entries in September and October and as many as 70 in November alone. All of the entries are on Armored Vehicles, Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s press service reports.

Tankopedia has received some 1,200,000 page views since the day it was launched. There are 3,069 articles on the website altogether, including 914 on Armored Vehicle Units, 398 on Theory & Design of Armored Vehicles, and 282 on Armored Vehicles. There are fourteen different categories to choose from in this online encyclopedia.

Tankopedia is a free encyclopedia on vehicles, enterprises, people, and events in the tank-making industry. Anyone with the Internet access can become an author of an entry. Uralvagonzavod Corporation thanks the most active contributors with branded souvenirs.

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