Uralvagonzavod awards Tankopedia's two most active contributors

April 30, 2014. The Tankopedia Project is quickly gathering pace. Users are taking increasingly more interest in the new project coordinated by Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation, and the company awarded Tankopedia's two most active contributors with branded souvenirs, Uralvagonzavod's press service says.

The residents of Nizhniy Tagil proved more interested in armored vehicles than any other users. One of the authors of free tank encyclopedia was awarded at Uralvagonzavod Armored Vehicles Museum; he was presented with a vest, a pair of boots, a T-shirt, and a cap from the plant's UVZSHOP.ru.

'This sort of consideration on Uralvagonzavod's part came as a complete surprise for Sergey Livanov. He got interested in tanks only recently and he feels that a resource like Tankopedia will be interesting for users and will keep on developing. Sergey himself is particularly interested in the museum section. He created at least 70 entries on the topic,' the corporation reports.

The Tankopedia website was launched on February 23, 2014, with as many as 581 people registering in the first month alone. 2,432 entries were created and 493 files were uploaded. The page got 824,948 hits.

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