ChTPZ, Severstal look into cooperation options

25 November 2014 (09:32)

November 25, 2014. ChTPZ Group and Severstal held their 17th Coordination Council on Cooperation at Severstal’s site in Kolpino, the Group’s press service reports.

The two parties looked at their performance results in the three quarters of 2014 and talked about ways of improving the quality of their rolled metal stock, about both companies’ participation in the oil and gas pipeline projects (including, for one, the Power of Siberia). In fact, Severstal already delivered 4,000,000 kg of rolled metal K60 to ChTPZ Group’s Vysota 239 Department this year; the metal will be used for the Power of Siberia’s large-diameter pipes.

The production of corrosion-resistant LDP steels was one of the key points on the Council’s agenda. The parties agreed to work together on improving the existing steels’ performance characteristics and to develop new kinds of steel. During their stay in Kolpino, ChTPZ Group experts also paid a visit to Izhorsky Pipe Plant, a large-diameter pipe manufacturer.

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