Kamenskoye harvests 20% more crops

14 November 2014 (09:17)

November 14, 2014. Kamenskoye, an agricultural enterprise within Sinara Group, finished up its harvesting campaign. This year, 7,000 hectares were allocated for grains, potatoes and beets got 45 and 2 hectares, respectively. Since the enterprise’s core business is dairy farming, most of the harvest will be used to feed the animals, Sinara Group’s PR Center reports.

Nearly 21,000,000 kg of grains and crops were gathered, with average yield at 3,000 kg per hectare. This is 20% better than last year, when the average yield stood at 2,690 kg per hectare, and much better than Sverdlovsk Region’s average (2,310 kg per hectare as of November 7, 2014).

According to the company’s DG Alexander Bakhterev, this should be considered a good result given the difficult weather conditions during the harvesting period. For the first time in many years, the harvesting campaign took over two months to complete. The early October snowfalls had meant grains had to be threshed when it was snowing and cold outside: this was a new kind of experience in the farm’s history. Yet despite all the difficulties Kamenskoye completed this year’s harvesting and got 100% of all the crops gathered. This will provide the farm with quite enough fodder.

Vegetables, including potatoes, were also all harvested safely. The potato yield was 14,700 kg per hectare - better than in 2013 (12,500 kg), which was due to plenty of rain in the summer.

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