Draught Brings Fodder Crop Yield Down 20%

7 August 2012 (09:33)

Sverdlovsk Region-based agro-enterprises have gathered 75% of expected fodder crop yield. This comes to over 1,700 kg per one nominal head of cattle. The speed of harvest-collecting is comparable with that for the previous year. 265,000 hectares worth of grass has been reaped, which is 55,000 hectares more than in 2011.

‘One should admit that the draught has affected the quantity and quality of the fodder crop. On average, 20% more fodder crop was gathered off a hectare of land last year. Yet we do hope the farms will manage to meet the target figures. Many of them still have last year’s crop; we can also count on good corn yield and, in case the weather gets better, a second reaping of perennial grasses,’ says the region’s Minister for Agro-industry & Food Mikhail Kopytov.

This dry weather has also led to the early ripening of crops and beans, so harvesting started two weeks earlier in Sverdlovsk Region this year. At the moment, 50,000 hectares of land have been cleared off crops, which comes to 13% of the total area. The yield ratio is 2,000 kg per hectare (500 kg less than a year earlier).

According to the forecasts, no more than 600,000 tons of crops will be collected this year. Last year, which was actually a record-setting one, 760,000 tons were gathered, and 540,000 tons were gathered in the dry year 2010.

Barley is the one crop that has been least affected by the hot weather. This crop’s yield is estimated at 2,500 kg per hectare.

It is obvious by now that the draught has affected the potato yield as well. However, the ministry hopes that, as 4,000 hectares more of land were used for potatoes in the spring on the previous year, the amount of potatoes sufficient to meet the locals’ needs will be gathered after all.

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