Plant 9 Full-Scale Specimen Museum gets rocket launcher

The full-scale specimen museum of Plant 9 (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) got a sextuple depth-charge launcher 1000 (caliber 301mm).

The corporation’s press service reports the life-size sample used to be stored on the plant’s production premises for quite a while and was then prepared by the enterprise’s experts.

‘A lot of reconstruction work took place. The 1000 was fully restored and repainted. A special pedestal was made for demonstration of the launcher,’ the corporation’s press service says.

The antisubmarine rocket launcher 1000 made by Plant 9 is an efficient means of protecting the Naval Forces’ vessels from submarines and attacking torpedoes in the near field. The launcher consists of a stationary, two-plane launching unit with six radial bores. A magazine with antisubmarine bombs is located under the deck of the launcher. The barrels are charged and discharged with the help of a device into which bombs are loaded from the magazine with a special lifting unit. There is no need for the crew to go up the deck to charge the barrels.

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