LTZ business management system undergoes IRIS audit procedure

August 29, 2014. Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant (LTZ, a member enterprise of Sinara Transport Machines) underwent its first surveillance audit of the plant’s business management system. The system was tested for compliance with the IRIS (International Railway Industry) standards, the company reports.

Auditors from the German company DQS Holding GmbH, headed by Herbert W. Rademacher, looked into the documents presented and gave an expert assessment of whether the production process meets the IRIS standards.

In their final report, the international auditors stated that the plant was using a process approach successfully to enhance the productivity of its business management system, to improve interrelations between processes, and to achieve its business goals. The auditors also came up with a set of guidelines that will allow the plant to boost the efficiency of its internal record keeping.

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