Ural Locomotives sum up results of first IRIS compliance audit

May 19, 2014. Ural Locomotives (a joint venture run by Sinara Group and Siemens AG) came up with a report on their first compliance audit aimed at checking how the company meets the IRIS International Railway Industry Standard.

According to Sinara Group’s press service, a group of independent auditors from DGS, Austria, confirmed the company has been successfully improving its business management system in accordance with the requirements set out in the railway industry’s primary standard.

The IRIS compliance audit comprised looking into the changes taking place last year in the way the production is managed at Ural Locomotives. For one, the company’s new projects on the production of Lastochka trains and AC locos were certified. According to the independent experts, the audit of Ural Locomotives made it clear that the enterprise complies very meticulously with the IRIS standard.

Now the IRIS (International Railware Industry Standard) was developed specifically for the railway industry in order to enhance the efficiency of business processes in all the supply chains and to improve communication between all the parties involved. The IRIS was first launched at Ural Locomotives in 2011, and the compliance certificate was issued in 2013.

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