No more wireless at Koltsovo Airport

August 18, 2014. Wireless is now only available at VIP terminals and business lounges of Koltsovo Airport (Yekaterinburg) if you produce your passport to register. Users report the password is given out by airport employees.

Wireless Internet connection was switched off on the rest of the airport premises altogether after the Russian Federation Government published its recent decree.

Following this decree, the media announced that getting access to the wireless Internet connection was only possible if you produce your passport to register. As a matter of fact, it turned out later that you are not actually obliged to produce your passport, yet there is no more anonymity.

The new regulations relating to wireless Internet access were adopted within the framework of the so-called anti-terrorist laws. This framework also comprised the so-called Blogger Act and a decree that officially allows the Federal Security Service track the information users place within social networks.

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