Koltsovo Airport rated among Russia's Top5 Most Comfortable Airports

February 13, 2014. Aviaport experts included Koltsovo Airport of Yekaterinburg in the list of Russia's top five most comfortable airports, Kommersant reports. The rating, based on the data for the year 2013, featured twenty Russian airports all in all.

In addition to Koltsovo, top positions were assigned to the airports of Sochi, Kazan, Vladivostok, and Novosibirsk. All of these were involved in large-scale investment projects on the construction or reconstruction of passenger terminals. For one,an international terminal was opened at Koltsovo in 2009. Last year, the domestic flights terminal was also reconstructed at Yekaterinburg's airport.

'Despite the fact that every one of the top five airports does have its problems and drawbacks, Aviaport experts were overall very favorably impressed with both the spacious and light-filled terminals and the way passenger service was organized there,' Aviaport reports.

Tyumen's Roschino Airport was rated as the worst airport.

The rating was based on such criteria as 'barrier-free environment','convenience of getting one's luggage', 'the length and convenience of security checks,' 'availability and speed of the wireless Internet access', 'noise pollution' (that is, how heavily the PA system was used, and 'availability and accessibility of mobile phone charging sockets'.

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