Billionaire Donald Trump’s son to visit Yekaterinburg

July 30, 2014. Eric Trump, son of the American billionaire Donald Trump, is going to visit Yekaterinburg in the fall. He confirmed his participation in the international high-rise construction forum (100+Forum Russia) that will be held in Yekaterinburg on September 24-26 with the Russian Construction Ministry’s support, the forum’s press service says.

Eric Trump is now executive Vice President, Development and Acquisitions, at The Trump Organization, one of the major US construction companies with a reputation for skyscrapers. One such skyscraper is Trump Tower, the world-renowned 58-storey hyaline-looking skyscraper that is 202 meters high and is located in New York City. The building was designed by Donald Trump in 1983. In 206, the Forbes magazine estimated Trump Tower at $318m.

The Trump Organization announced in late 2013 that they were planning on putting up in Russia an office building similar to the famous Trump Tower of NYC. The company has been negotiating with several Russian developers on this point. The Trump Organization’s skyscraper might actually be built in Yekaterinburg.

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