Yekaterinburg Council: Climate is a trump card in applying for EXPO 2020

10 June 2013 (09:46)

June 10, 2013. Yekaterinburg will have nice climate conditions to offer during the EXPO 2020 compared to other candidate cities. Its temperate climate minimizes health risks as well as problems arising from large crowds of people gathering together on hot days, the city’s official web portal says.

In the summer, the temperature range in Yekaterinburg varies between 17 and 22 degrees centigrade; in the fall, its between 5.5 and 10 degrees centigrade. What is more, the city has comfortable relative air humidify figures: during the exhibition, they will vary between 52% and 73%. Even though the city is damp enough on average, the annual precipitation figures are lower in Yekaterinburg than in most of Europe and in many tropical, subtropical, and seaside climates. Therefore the participants of and visitors to the fair can count on plenty of dry and sunny days.

It is also reported that Yekaterinburg has longer daylight hour times than its rivals. In case the Urals’ capital gets to host EXPO, it will be daylight for 17.5 hours from mid-May to late July, so the exhibitors will save money on lighting and visitors will be able to do more sightseeing.

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