Uraltransmash gets German forming machine TruBend-5320

17 July 2014 (17:45)

July 17, 2014. Under the company's technical conversion program for 2014, the obsolete forming machine Azovpressmash IG 1430 was replaced with the new TruBend-5320 with numerical program control made by the German firm TRUMPF at PTK 870, the third production site of Uraltransmash (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation), the corporation's press service reports.
The installation of this modern equipment will reduce labor intensity of the start-up and commissioning process by 50% to 70% and will considerably improve the quality of spare parts as well as will greatly affect the entire production culture.
TRUMPF's TruBend-5320 is meant for forming parts and units made of sheet metal. The new press has a safeguarding system that protects the operator's hands, work area lighting, and frontal support of the sheet, which is essential for forming bulky parts.

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