Uralvagonzavod assembles 3 FORMAX presses

21 January 2014 (09:26)

January 21, 2014. Three FORMAX cold forming presses are now being assembled at Uralvagonzavod’s head plant.

The corporation’s press service reports that the equipment is meant for making metal goods for the railway carriage assembly and mechanical assembly departments and was purchased within the framework of the Federal Program on the Development of the Defense Industry Sector in 2014-2020.

‘The old equipment is being dismantled and the large joints relating to the foundation are currently being assembled by Uralvagonzavod’s mechanical repairs department; however, very soon the rest of the installation jobs and the start-up and commissioning jobs will be handed over to the German and American specialists. The final launch and commissioning of the new machines is scheduled for April 2014,’ the message says.

In 2015, the fourth cold forming press will also be introduced at the site. The four current machines are to replace the old new ones whose lifespan was 35 to 40 years. The new presses will enhance productivity by several times as well as make the employees’ working conditions better. These presses are easy to maintain, as it only takes 1 to 1.5 hours to reprogram the machine to make other kinds of spare parts, while it took two to three days with the older versions. Two employees from the automatic revolving department have already been trained to operate FORMAX presses in the US, the rest will be trained directly on site.

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