ChTPZ Group’s White Metallurgy Project graduates are discharged from the army

June 26, 2014. The graduates of ChTPZ Group’s corporate project called the Future of White Metallurgy who were all serving their army term in the village of Gorny Shchit, Sverdlovsk Region, were discharged from the army today. 21 people served their term all in all, the company’s press service says.

This unique opportunity for all the graduates of one vocational school to serve in one and the same regiment became possible thanks to efficient cooperation between the army, the business community, and the local authorities. This was a PPP where ChTPZ Group, Sverdlovsk Region Government, and Pervouralsk Metallurgical School worked on their educational project, the Future of White Metallurgy. Starting from 2012, all the program graduates serve their army term in one specific regiment (an agreement to this extent was signed by ChTPZ Group, the command of the Air Defense and Air Forces in Central Military District, and Sverdlovsk Region Government).

‘Tangible results in the development of skilled blue- and white-collar worker training system can only be achieved if the state and the private sector cooperate efficiently. If the state, the education system, and the employers agree to share this responsibility, this will work. Stimuli need to be created for businesses to invest in vocational training. The Russian Union of Industrialists & Entrepreneurs and the National Council for Job Counseling under the President of the Russian Federation are going to actively promote this practice and extrapolate it to the rest of Russia,’ says President of the Russian Union of Industrialists & Entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin.

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