UBT-Uralvagonzavod to put up business center with 300-slot parking lot in Nizhniy Tagil

6 June 2014 (09:16)

June 6, 2014. A modern building with a parking lot fit for 300 cars and a business center will be put up in Dzerzhinsky District of Nizhniy Tagil by Uralvagonzavod Corporation's daughter enterprise UBT-Uralvagonzavod, the corporation's press service says.

The projected total area of the site is 8,700 sq m, the area of the building and the surrounding premises is 7,400 sq m. The construction of a parking lot will make it possible to de-clutter the nearby streets that have cars parked on the sides of the road and therefore to make the traffic much safer and easier.

The large-scale construction began in late May 2014 and is expected to be completed by March 2015. After the surrounding premises have been made presentable, the building will be launched. The parking slots are not supposed to be offered for sale: the idea is only to let them to tenants for short periods of time.

The business center is being put in the place of the former movie theater in I.V. Okunev Palace of Culture (the latter had to be pulled down because it was in a breakdown state). When the foundation was laid for the new building, some parts of the old foundation had to be removed first.

'To put up the car park, a popular modern monolith technology was decided upon: this means the fittings are poured over with layers of concrete of various kinds. The primary variety used is the М350B25 W8, which is a special-purpose, high grade concrete that is made at Piccini, a concrete plant that was recently launched at Uralvagonzavod. The same technology is used for putting up the medical unit at the corporation's head plant in Dzerzhinsky District of Nizhniy Tagil, for instance, as well as for the construction of some other facilities UBT-Uralvagonzavod is working on. This technology allows for putting up buildings of any geometrical shapes and therefore for adding new looks to the city,' the company reports.

'In every aspect, including the aesthetic one, the district will only benefit from such a building there,' UBT-Uralvagonzavod's Deputy Director-General Nikolai Chmel emphasized.

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