Bank Koltso Urala to organize amateur sports championship

Children from five Sverdlovsk Region-based orphanages are going to take part in Back to USSR, an amateur sports championship coordinated by the volunteer group Dorogami Dobra and Bank Koltso Urala.

For three days (April 25-27), children will play Red Rover, dodgeball, Cowboys and Indians, Chinese jump rope, hopscotch, hide-and-seek, and other nearly-forgotten children's games. More than 80 children will come to the event; they won't be allowed to use the Internet, mobile phones, tablet computers, and other gadgets, the bank's press service reports.

Children from orphanages of Yekaterinburg, Polevskoy, Nizhniy Tagil, Kamensk-Uralsky, and Gornouralsky will be split randomly into several teams that will compete with one another. Contests will be modeled on the Olympic Games, and volunteers will act as the teams' supporters. The Soviet-style ambiance will be created with the help of props, clothes, and music.

'Our childhood games were a great way to have a good time as well as to learn more about the world. They improved our decision-making skills, our physical strength, and our strategic thinking. To prevent these games from sinking into oblivion, we decided to gather today's children from Sverdlovsk Region orphanages and play the games of the eighties and the nineties with them,' the project coordinators explain.

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