Natural population growth comes to 1,500 people over five months in Yekaterinburg

4 July 2013 (09:16)

July 4, 2013. In January-May 2013, the natural population growth in Yekaterinburg was 1,493 people. 8,179 people were born and 6,686 people passed away. As for Sverdlovsk Region, 20,040 people were born and 20,408 people passed away, so the natural decline in the population was 368 people.

As of January 1, 2013, Yekaterinburg’s population stood at 1,429,400 people, which is 46,200 (3.3%) more than this figure was at the end of the All-Russian Census of 2010.

According to the data provided by Sverdlovskstat, the natural decline in the population in Sverdlovsk Region was 768 people: 14,677 people were born and 15,445 people passed away.

In 2012, the natural population growth was 3,282 people and in 2011, the figure was 2,175.

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