Official unemployment rate in Yekaterinburg is 0.45%

12 November 2013 (10:11)

November 12, 2013. 12,687 people found a job through Yekaterinburg Employment Center in January-October 2013, the center’s press service says.

All in all, 20,351 people applied to the center over the given period, and 70,651 people placed their queries as to the current labor market situation. Also, 3,993 applicants wanted some job counseling.

The share of people who found jobs over this period was 48.4% of applicants; as of November 1, 2013, 3,315 people are registered with the center as jobless. The city’s official unemployment rate is 0.45%.

Sverdlovsk Region-based enterprises submitted 20,421 vacancies as of November 1, including 4,083 vacancies for foreign workers (20% of all the job openings). The local companies need 13,015 blue-collar jobs (63.7% of all the openings), and the number of job offers where the pay is bigger than the minimum cost of living (8,191 RUR a month) is 18,876.

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