Illegal logging on Universitetsky Park site results in 250m RUR worth of damage

26 March 2014 (09:28)

March 26, 2014. Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities and Sverdlovsk Region interdepartmental public prosecution authorities for the environment checked compliance with the environmental legislation during the preparation of site for Sverdlovsk Region hi tech Universitetsky Park in Yekaterinburg.

According to their press service, the contractor cut down 4 hectares of woods when preparing the construction site around Lake Shartash.

‘The approximate amount of timber came to 1,200 m3, yet the contractor did not have any logging permits. According to our preliminary estimates, the damage done by cutting down of valuable vegetation comes to over 251m RUR,’ the authorities report.

Following their inspection, the environmental authorities directed the papers to the preliminary investigation agencies to determine whether the act in question could be classified as a criminal offense.

The director of the company that is in charge of the project under the state contract was ordered to eliminate the environmental law violation.

Besides, Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities informed Sverdlovsk Region Prime Minister of their demand to eliminate the environmental law violations and to have the Environmental Ministry act as the state-representing customer as well as supervise the preparatory jobs on site.

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