Economic Ministry representatives assess ChTPZ performance highly

14 March 2014 (13:09)

March 14, 2014. The Director of the Russian Economics Ministry's Department for Special Economic Zones, Regional Development Projects, and One-Employer Towns Andrei Sokolov, Chelyabinsk Region Minister for Economic Develoment Elena Murzina, and Deputy Director-General of ChTPZ Group Maxim Ignatiev visited Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant's Vysota 239 department.

'I believe the main thing is that the employees acquire a great production culture here, this is the key factor. This is something that the Russian industry really lacks at the moment. What we saw at Vysota 239 today is the actual production organization mechanism of tomorrow. I with our white metallurgists further production success. I am positive this will be so,' Sokolov said.

Andrei Sokolov visited this so-called 'white metallurgical' department within the framework of his two-day introductory visit to Chelyabinsk Region.

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