MegaFon's WATCH+ app to keep working at Sochi Paralympics

12 March 2014 (15:34)

March 12, 2014. MegaFon informs all the supporters that its popular sports app called WATCH+ will still be available during the winter Paralympics in Sochi. Over 600,000 users downloaded the app during the Olympics, and now WATCH+ can be used to keep track of all the events of the Paralympics online, MegaFon's press service reports.

WATCH+ was immensely popular during the winter Olympics. Not only did it make it to the top few free apps at AppStore and GooglePlay, but it also was the confident second most popular app in the Sports category throughout most of the Olympics. The number of users who installed this app onto their smartphones was about 600,000. Two-thirds of these users were MegaFon subscribers, and about a third were the subscribers of other mobile carriers. The total volume of traffic downloaded via the app exceeded 650 terabyte, or about 3,000,000 hours of video viewing.

On March 7-16, WATCH+ users will be able to follow the events of Russia's first winter Paralympics in Sochi. In addition to broadcasts of all the five sports, users will traditionally find all the most spectacular and memorable episodes of the Paralympics there. Supporters will be able to re-watch the important bits of the Games thanks to the video content logging technology. This technology makes it possible to both watch a selected bit and rewind the whole broadcast before and after a particular episode.

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