Russia’s average pay drops 9.2%

21 August 2015 (13:07)

August 21, 2015. The average monthly pay came to 34,000 RUR in Russia in July, which was, in nominal value, 5% more than one year earlier, Rosstat announced Wednesday. However, the figure actually decreased by 9.2% in real terms when compared to last July and by 8.8% when compared with the start of this year.

The population’s actual income went down by 2% against July 2014, Rosstat reports.

In fact, the Russians’ income was down by 3.5% in June, by 6.4% in May, by 4% in April, by 1.8% in March, by 1.6% in February, and by 0.8% in January. The real-terms figure shrank by 2.9% in the seven months of the year overall.

As for the year 2014, people’s incomes decreased by 0.8%, in real terms, compared with the year 2013. In 2013, however, the figure was up by 4% against a year earlier, Interfax states.

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