PNTZ commissions lime production site

20 February 2014 (11:32)

February 20, 2014. Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ, a member enterprise of ChTPZ Group) had a lime production facility commissioned recently. The enterprise needs the lime for its steel-smelting and ladle treatment production cycle. The section is located on the premises of Iron Ozone 32, a department meant for making steel ingots for weldless pipes, the Group's press service reports.

The commissioning of the new production facility will complement a full steel-production cycle where lime and gas are used. The Iron Ozone 32 already has an industrial gas station that meets the company's oxygen, argon, and nitrogen needs. These gases are necessary for smelting, further treatment and casting of steel. The launch of the lime facility will enhance the quality of PNTZ steel: due to more active properties of freshly made lime, the time needed to remove the harmful particles will be reduced. These faster production processes will reduce the degree of non-homogeneity that the metal might have and will improve its casting properties. Besides, a smoothly functioning company's own production cycle will mean the enterprise can afford not to order lime from external suppliers.

The lime production facility's output is estimated at 4,500,000 kg a month; the area of the site is 6,000 sq m. The site houses a double-shaft furnace, a 180-meter transport network, and storage area for keeping raw resource and ready products.

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