Ural Federal District to look into post grad students’ homosexuality

18 February 2014 (11:20)

February 18, 2014. Ural Federal University is now doing some research on the ‘developmental trajectories’ of its students studying for their master’s degrees. Among other things, the college management is planning to take a look at their homosexuality.

UFU post grad students are now being surveyed via an ad hoc portal surveymonkey.com. The links to the website and encouraging invitations to join in the research can be found at UFU student union group in Vkontakte, Politsovet Information Agency reports.

‘The research is targeted at learning about the educational, scientific, professional, and other trajectories of development experienced by full-time post graduate students,’ the description of the research says.

Most of the questions on the questionnaire really do have to do with studying at college and doing research work as a post graduate student. However, there is a question nearer the end of the survey that says, ‘What is your feeling towards the existing homosexual practices in this world?’ which sort of stands out from the general trend of the research.

The following answer choices are offered:

‘I feel this sort of relationship is totally normal and I am in such a relationship myself’
‘I feel there is nothing wrong about this, and I am ready to join such a relationship myself’
‘I feel there is nothing wrong about this, even though I personally don’t think this sort of relationship is for me’
‘I feel this sort of relationship is absolutely unacceptable’
‘I haven’t formed an opinion about this’.

In other words, the authors of the survey are asking not only about how the students would potentially feel about homosexuality but also about what their own sexual orientation actually is.

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