Nearly 4,000 fake bills detected in Ural Federal District in 2013

17 February 2014 (09:22)

February 17, 2014. 3,375 fake Bank of Russia banknotes were found in Ural Federal District in 2013. All in all, 71,433 fake bills were found in the entire country last year, the bank’s press service reports.

50% of fake bills are 5,000-ruble ones (35,565 units), followed by 1,000-ruble bills (27,693 units), 500-ruble ones (7,494 units), 100-ruble ones (422 units). 50-ruble ones (104 units), and ten-ruble ones (17 units). Besides, 137 fake five-ruble coins and one ten-ruble coin were found.

The greatest number of fake bills (41,353 units) was found in Central Federal District and in North-Western District (13,223 units).

As for fake foreign currency, 2,107 banknotes were detected last year altogether, including $1,945, €133, 15 RMB, and ₤14.

company and we also work with external partners with the necessary technologies and licenses to do a good job of fighting these,’ the press service pointed out.

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