ChTPZ top managers master blue-collar jobs

14 February 2014 (13:04)

February 14, 2014. The top managers of ChTPZ Group, headed by the company Director-General Yaroslav Zhdan, worked a shift at the departments of Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (a member of ChTPZ Group) and took part in a clean-up day in the streets of Pervouralsk,' the company's press service reports.

'ChTPZ Group's strategic session involved nearly 100 top managers changing their jobs for a day and mastering blue-collar skills: they became maintenance technicians, mill operators, heat-treaters, diagnosticians, and sling operators at Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant's departments. Last year, an event like this took place at Vysota 239 Department of Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant,' the press release says.

The 'work shifts' allow the top managers better to understand how value-added is created, get feedback, and experience brainwaves on improvement of business processes and enhancing business efficiency. Such work shifts performed by the top managers are an integral part of our company culture and of the 'white metallurgy,' says the company Director-General Yaroslav Zhdan.

Pervouralsk, where Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant is located, is the traditional venue for implementing the Group's CSR projects. On February 13, ChTPZ Group heads spent the day improving the urban environment: they cleaned up Glory Memorial Square and an alley in Vatutin St.

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