Yekaterinbrug Duma deputies get acquainted with local water supplier's upgrade plan

13 February 2014 (10:32)

February 13, 2014. The Director-General of Yekaterinburg Municipal Enterprise of Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment Alexander Kovalchik told Yekaterinburg Duma deputies about the upgrade plan for the Southern and Western filtering facilities.

Yekaterinburg Administration's press service reports the facilities are expected to be upgraded within the next six to eight years in the same way as the Northern aeration station was.

According to Alexander Kovalchik, the further technical upgrade program will be implemented in several stages, since it is such a large-scale project while the financing is limited. In 2014, for example, the enterprise will keep reconstructing the mechanical drying system to ensure the environmental safety of Yekateirnburg's natural water reservoirs and absence of residue there. The technical upgrades of of the aeration station will also involve the primary and final settling tanks department, the chlorine treatment unit, and a number of other facilities.

'As a result, the Southern filtering facilities that were put up as early as 1975 will turn into a modern, hi tech unit that will meet the ever-growing needs of a dynamically developing city,' the press service says.

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