STZ launches FQM filtering facilities

September 22, 2014. Seversky Pipe Plant (STZ, a member enterprise of Pipe Metallurgical Company), is about to complete all the start-up and commissioning jobs for the filtering facilities of its FQM rolling mill at Pipe-Rolling Department 1; the FQM is expected to be launched in October 2014, Pipe Metallurgical Company’s PR Directorate reports.

The construction of the filtering facility began in November 2012. The new facility is actually a closed cycle and is meant for providing zero-discharge re-circulating water supply to the mill. The filtering facility will be responsible for both the initial water treatment and the finishing filtering procedures. During the water treatment stage, water is purified and treated before it is supplied to the mill. The drainage from this stage gets recycled through finishing filtering facilities, which means nothing is dumped into the nearby River Severushka.

All the building and assembly jobs at the water treatment section are nearly over, so the workers are now busy with the start-up and commissioning. The equipment for the primary technological line has already been launched, including sludge concentrators, quartz filters, cooling towers, and basic pumping groups. The equipment for the chemical plant and the sludge decantation unit will yet have to be set up. Nevertheless, the water that is delivered to both new and old rolling facilities is supplied from the new filtering plants. Building and assembly jobs are also nearly completed at the finishing filtering facilities, and the start-up and commissioning process is about to begin.

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