Designers of Central Stadium reconstruction project to prepare cost estimates

January 30, 2014. The Director of UralNIIproyekt RAASN Alexander Dolgov and Director of OOO Terem Victor Siminenko were asked to prepare the cost estimates of having the historic walls of Yekaterinburg Central Stadium relocated, the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policies Department reports.

Alexander Dolgov and Victor Siminenko have already presented several projects on the reconstruction of the stadium that is expected to host four World Cup matches in 2018.

Under the first project, walls would be cut down to several parts, relocated and re-assembled at a new site. Under the second project, the bulk of the stadium’s ring wall is to be dissected and the parts are to be transferred in whole chunks onto a new foundation via a specially built railway link. In both cases, the historically and culturally important elements of the wall will be left intact. Either of the projects will take five to six months to implement.

The model of the future stadium is supposed to remain on display at Greenwich shopping mall in the future.

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