Sverdlovsk Region enterprises’ profits drop nearly 40% in 11 months of 2013

23 January 2014 (09:25)

January 23, 2014. The large and medium enterprises based in Sverdlovsk Region made a profit of 105.6bn RUR in January-November 2013, which was 39.5% less than last year, Sverdlovsk Region Economics Ministry’s press service refers to Sverdlovskstat as reporting.

The profit of large and medium-sized profit-making companies actually amounted to 145.7bn RUR in January-November 2013, which fell short of the previous year’s figures by 28.4%.

According to the data as of November 2013, there were 1,146 profit-making enterprises in Sverdlovsk Region, which is 67.7% of all the local businesses. The number of companies that are not loss-making has increased by 120 since the beginning of the year.

In the eleven months of 2013, most of the profit-making companies (46.5%) pertained to the manufacturing industries. The profit-making extracting industry companies’ share came to 13.7%, the transportation and communications industry companies’ share came to 12.1%, the share of enterprises in the wholesale and retail trade sector came to 8.8%.

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