Yekaterinburg Council signs agreement with FIFA to hold International Supporter Festival

22 January 2014 (10:06)

January 22, 2014. Head of Yekaterinburg Administration Alexander Yakob signed an agreement with the FIFA on holding the International Supporter Festival in 2014.

Under the terms of the agreement, the festival will be held in V.V. Mayakovsky Central Culture & Entertainment Park. The first events are expected to take place as soon as mid-June.

'The choice of the location had to do with the strict requirements the FIFA imposes on the festival venues, including enough space for at least 5,000 people and for installing stages, stands, and HD screens to broadcast the football matches. What is more, special requirements exist in terms of transport availability and safety,' says Yekaterinburg Administration's press service.

The FIFA, in its turn, promised to ensure the general management of the project, carry out an advertising campaign on an international scale, and design the festival's primary theme and logos.

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